Dr. Jeff Anzalone – a peridontist – uses wallet mailer to bring in $63,000 from lost customers

Wallet Mailer returns 24,000% ROI

Wallet Mailer returns 24,000% ROI

Doctors go to school to become good at treating patients.  The last thing they usually understand is how to market to grow their practice.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone is an exception.  This small town periodontist decided to use our wallet mailer as step #1 in a 3-step direct mail sequence to get patients who’d already been in to the office and was prescribed a treatment plan to go ahead with treatment.

In this 15 minute interview you’ll find out how he did what he did.

Grab a cup of coffee or glass of water, take the phone off the hook and be sure to be ready to take notes.

Dr. Anzalone not only tells how he used the wallet mailer, but he gives some jaw dropping other tips that can be used in whatever business you’re in.

— Nina (a.k.a…the wallet mailer lady)