How does the Wallet-Mailer direct marketing insert work?

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Your headline message goes on the inside flap of the Wallet-Mailer.

Next, you prepare your insert pieces. We recommend using MegaBigBucks™. MegaBigBucks™ are specially sized to fit perfectly in the Wallet-Mailer.

Your direct marketing message goes on the left side of the money. Your business information and logo go on the right. Our extensive testing has found that bright red works best for the offer and logo, and doubles the response rate of your mailing.

On the back of the money, your coupon spells out all the details of your establishment, such as driving directions or business hours.

To stay under postal weight limits for one first class postage stamp, You can fit up to four of our MegaBigBucks™ in the Wallet-Mailer of any denomination, or you could fit one piece of our oversized funny money and a 8½” x 11” direct marketing sales letter.

Then, close the Wallet-Mailer, with all of the pieces inside. Apply a clear sticker to keep the Wallet-Mailer closed through the mail system. Address it and affix a first-class postage stamp and send them off to your mailing list.

If you would like help coming up with your headline, offer, or your direct marketing sales letter, give us a call at 574-320-2522 and we’ll work with you to create the perfect combination to deliver an irresistible marketing message to your mailing list.

We can also print your entire mailing for you with your messages in red, and send it off to your mailing list.


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