Will the Wallet-Mailer work for marketing my business?

Will the Wallet-Mailer work for marketing my business?

The Wallet-Mailer has quite successful for hundreds of very different businesses. Some of those businesses were mortgage brokers, dentists, restaurants, real estate investors, realtors, car dealers, clothing stores, auto repairs shops, and photographers – just to name a few.

For maximum effect, your offer and your bait have to be aligned with one another. As a result, If you have any type of discount coupon, money-saving, or money-making offer, the Wallet-Mailer is a natural fit for your direct mail campaign.

The mental state of the reader when opening the Wallet-Mailer is “Hey, I wonder what’s in here.” Our test mailings have proven to gain the best response when one piece (at least) of cash pokes out of the Wallet-Mailer’s pocket.

When you reward your audience’s curiosity with a money-related message, the result is a feeling of happiness associated with your business which will result in improved response rates.


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